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Proper working brake pads and/or rotors are such an important aspect of your car’s maintenance plan. For this, Mercedes Service performs free brake checks with anyone who walks though their doors. Safety is such a priority with Mercedes Service that they have decided not only to provide free brake checks but also to teach the findings and suggestions to their customers. This helps to ensure your safety on our Texas roads and highways.

Walk in’s are acceptable but a reservation is recommended so that your appointment time is best used. Another great aspect of Mercedes Service is that they only use Mercedes parts. There are no short cuts when it comes to parts that they use on vehicles. Quality parts for quality cars.

If you experience any of the following , please give us a call and get your brakes checked correctly.

Some signs of failing brakes are :

1. Brake light

2. Squealing, Vibration or scraping when braking

3. Leaking fluids

4. Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal

5. Car pulling to one side when braking

6. Burning smell while driving

We thank you for your service and loyalty. Your dealership alternative : Mercedes Service

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