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     We opened our doors in 2009 with the hopes of showing  current Mercedes, BMW and other foreign car owners that mechanic shops like this can be different than those you may have had a bad experience at. 

     We have the same parts that a dealer may carry with the same or better skill set to fix any issue you may encounter. There are, however, two things that separate us from your typical dealership service station.


1. Our labor costs are less than any dealer plus we don't hide behind a large corporation and give you the run around that you sometimes hear about.

2. Our business is only successful if we take care of your automotive needs. Face it, if a Mercedes dealership doesn't meet the quota or fails due to low quality assurance measures, it has other dealerships that can cover for their deficiencies.


       If they are short a mechanic, they just transfer one from another shop to it.  This creates a loss of rapport with the customer. The foundation of our business is built on treating our customers like family.


     Our mechanic retention is above the city average so that when you come back, the one that worked on your car will most likely be there again. We at Mercedes Service are your dealership alternative because isn't it time you deserve it? 

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You are welcome to call us during working hours, however, if you prefer to just send us your question or if it is after hours, fill out the form on the right. Thank you for your patience 

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